Scary Mexico Ride – Part I

The plan was to have an ordinary ride down to Mexico to test my new gear, get used to driving with a fully loaded bike and get a flavor military checkpoints and border crossings. In the past few rides I had pushed my self to test my limits and test my riding capabilities. The results of those rides were somewhat disastrous and expensive – although I got a good understanding of what I can do and cannot do.

Bike on the tree – click here for ride report

Broken radiator among many other parts – click here for ride report

Since I’m planning to leave soon to ride around Latin America for a year I though that I should avoid any single track and do mostly slab and fire type roads until I take off. I though that would be a sure way to stay out of trouble – I was wrong!

The trip started by posting a thread looking for Advriders. After PMing with a few riders we had a small group. SpeedDemon77 (SD), Rolandska (RS) and myself. None of us had been to Mexico with the bikes so DustJunkie helped us come up with an easy route.

The plan was to meet on Friday morning off the I5 at the Chevron on El Toro road:

We finalized the route for day one and because we were leaving late we were going to slabed it all the way down to San Felipe – Approx 400 miles.

Riding down there was like riding in hell the temperature was around 110-120F. We were trying to get out of hell riding 70-80mph with very few stops and hitting up to 90mph in certain stretches that were just unbearable. We crossed the border in Mexicali and took the I5 toward San Felipe.

After one hour of riding in Mexico the adventure started.

I was going probably around 80 mph when my handle bar started to shake a little bit. My first thought was that the road was in bad conditions so I started to slow down.

As soon as my thought ended it felt like I was driving in sand and realize that something major was wrong.

Next thing I noticed was that I had no control over the fully loaded bike and I was driving on the opposite lane against traffic.  At that point I thought this is the end of my trip around Latin America – broken bike and broken bones.

As soon as the front tire hit the dirt the bike went down making a 180 degree turn. The only thing left to do was to close my eyes and hope for the best. I just heard scratching sound of the aluminum cases hitting the pavement.

When I re-opened my eyes I had the bike lying on top of me. I was sure there was major damage to the bike and to myself. I thought how the hell I’m going to get myself and the bike home. I was shocked, scared and panicking. SD and RS were in front of me and I couldn’t see them.

to be continue…