9 Resources to plan your tour in Nicaragua with or without motorcycle

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Kyle riding in Nicaragua on a Yamaha AG200

Kyle Motorcycle Ride in Nicaragua


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Susan, Scott and their dog Bently @ NicaMoto


I do not remember ever seeing a couple traveling by motorcycle with a dog!Now they are staying a NICAMOTO for a few days before they continue their journey down to south America. A few words from them: ” We can’t thank you enough for graciously sharing your home with us. When you say you are…

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Bosawas, RAAN, the Second Largest Rainforest in the Americas!


Information for Bosawas municipal area in RAAN. Bosawas is the largest rainforest after the Amazons in Brazil which makes it an absolutely go-to destination in Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast. Here you will read about the rainforest, how to get there, recommendations, accommodations and a lot more to make your visit one to remember for the rest of your…

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Siuna, the Cornerstone in Nicaragua’s Famous Mining Triangle!


Read about the historical background of the Triangle, the economic activity, the state of the Mining Industry and everything you should know before you decide to visit!   Jump to section General overview Brief historical background How to get there and leave Air Land Must see Weather in Siuna Getting around Shopping Accommodations   Siuna…

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Bonanza, the Heart of Nicaragua’s Famous Mining Triangle

Bonanza in Nicaragua’s famous Mining Triangle. Here is a brief depiction of this city’s history and relevance in the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. Bonanza is a city filled with culture, wonderful sights and a rich history of mining that traces back to the dawn of the 20th century all the way through to modern times. Jump to…

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Experience Puerto Cabezas on the Caribbean Coast!


Puerto Cabezas is the largest city in the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.   Puerto Cabezas has a population of 65,000 people. This is a Caribbean port town with characteristic wide-brick streets and red earth roads. The port town is right next to the Atlantic Ocean which makes it an ideal destination for people seeking to relax and…

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Discovering Waspam on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast!

Waspam is a municipal area located on Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast right on the border with Honduras.   It is the gateway for many indigenous tribes including miskito communities. It is also adjacent to the largest river in Central America which is the Coco River. Waspam is a formidable destination because of its natural attractions and…

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Tips and Tricks for Riding Long Distances in Hot Weather

Motorcycling in Sudan

A few weeks ago as we planned to cross Sudan and Egypt by motorcycle we started tracking the weather. The temperatures ranged from 30 Celsius (86 F) to 43+ Celsius degrees (110+ F). I had ridden in hot weather in California and Baja California but this time it would be different because we would be…

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Best beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has 1040km of coastline of which most of it is untainted and underdeveloped. However, some of the most beautiful beaches have been develop and are easily accessible.  Here is the list of the best beaches that you an visit easily. We have organized them in 4 different categories: Best Surfing Beaches in Nicaragua Best…

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